What's a microtick option?

Our patented market technology enables you to trade options with much shorter time to expiration than a traditional option exchange can do.

  • Short-term
  • Low cost
  • Real-time flexibility

Instead of listing by fixed strike and expiration, our options are listed by time duration and percent above or below the underlying price. This novel standardization is combined with a patented marketplace feedback mechanism allowing the microtick marketplace to generate realtime implied underlying prices without requiring a direct connection to an external exchange.

Want a 15 minute position to hedge against an earnings report? MicroTick gives you a liquid ready to trade market with realtime trades matched between live market participants.

Feel like speculating in 1 hour, or even 1 minute options? Our marketplace won't even break a sweat!

Technology is enabling new ways of trading and new asset classes to manage risk. microtick is one of those upcoming technologies.

microtick Technology Demonstration

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Simulated trading of 1-minute options using the patented microtick backend marketplace and cross platform client

Want to trade microtick options?