How to use the command line interface

Cancel Quote

Note: This page describes how to use the 'mtcli' command line executable. This binary is currently available for Linux only

To use mtcli from the command line, you must have a synced Microtick node and you need to set the MTROOT environment variable to the same directory your synced node is using, for example:

$ export MTROOT=$HOME/testnet


$ mtcli tx microtick cancel-quote <quote id>


Cancels a quote and removes it from the market and the consensus weighted average. Note that a quote cannot be canceled until it's "Can Modify" time has been reached. More information on that on the Query Quote page.

If a quote has become stale (has not been modified in 2 times its duration) any third party can step in and cancel the quote. In this case the backing is collected by the third party and is a strong incentive to keep quotes updated and accurate.