Account Information

Once connected to the Ethereum network, a GUI will come up on the Trade page.  At the top of that page is the Account block.  This set of controls lets you choose the account you want to use as your identity, shows you the amount of Microtick "µτ" tokens you have for that account.  On the test network you get 1000 tokens for trading for every account that is created.

The "Escrow" field indicates the amount outstanding in your account being used to back up quotes you placed on the marketplace.

The "Leaderboard username" field lets you register an optional username for the leaderboard. Without registering, you won't be included in the leaderboard statistics.

Account History

The "Account History" link brings up a transaction history for your account similar to the screenshot shown to the right.

Each entry is a separate transaction to your account:

Account Creation

The first time you use your account, the GUI will ask you to create a Microtick account:

Simply click "Create" and wait a moment for the account to be created. Your new account will be funded with 1000 tokens to start trading.