Token License FAQ

What is this "Token License"?#

We wanted to achieve three things with the Microtick token license:

First: we wanted to have the code openly available and encourage the community to contribute back changes using a copyleft mechanism.

Second: we wanted to encourage the full range of decentralized use cases while creating a shared community benefit - and this should include new chains. To do this, we tied the license to the use of the TICK token in order to guarantee the benefits of adoption and use to the Microtick community as a whole.

Third: we wanted to take a defensive posture with the existing Microtick intellectual property (which predates Bitcoin) for any non-decentralized use cases (i.e. so-called "brick and mortar" finance, including centralized exchanges).

The text of the license is here

Will it be adopted?#

We want to encourage decentralization with the license. The logic goes like this:

  • If you're a centralized exchange, bank, hedge fund, or brokerage that wants to use Microtick's source, the license is likely enforceable and so you'll want to use TICK and interact with networks that are using TICK.

  • If you're a decentralized platform using Microtick, you'll probably still want to use TICK to benefit from network effects assuming the project reaches critical mass. In any case, decentralized use cases are what we want to encourage.

The open source code is hosted in various repositories here: