How to create a Microtick validator

NOTE: Linux is currently the only supported platform for running a validator.

Creating a validator is done on the command line using the 'mtd' and 'mtcli' binaries from the Microtick binary release kit. Running a validator also requires a running node, because blocks need to be signed as they happen. If the node goes down, your validator and the tokens delegated to it risk getting penalized (slashed) for downtime.

Running a validator on the Microtick zone is very similar to running a validator on the Cosmos Hub. Become familiar with the Cosmos Validator FAQ if you have not already.

The rest of these instructions assume you already have a running node, synced to the Microtick zone. Instructions for doing this are in the binary release kit README.

  • Ensure your MTROOT environment variable is set

    $ export MTROOT=$HOME/testnet

    (This variable points the mtd and mtcli executables to the data directory for the testnet. Make sure it matches the directory you chose for the running node when setting that up)
  • Create an operator address and get it funded:

    Assuming you wanted to name your key "operator":

    $ mtcli keys add operator
    Enter a passphrase to encrypt your key to disk:
    Repeat the passphrase:

    NAME:   TYPE:   ADDRESS:                                        PUBKEY:
    operator        local   cosmos13cqkphpvj5q97p6tz95c5fywygzqkcrfx4xu59   cosmospub1addwnpepqdlfmmgt63lj327dtzayy4zgm3dru3my5lz0xzsd253g6u4k78dy2mgp42d

    (Make sure to copy the mnemonic phrase somewhere safe)

  • Get your new address funded by asking on the Microtick Telegram channel for some test tokens:

    The Telegram chat link is:
  • Create your validator (substitute values for amount, moniker, as appropriate)

    $ mtcli tx staking create-validator \
    --amount=500fox \
    --pubkey=$(mtd tendermint show-validator) \
    --moniker=<your moniker=""> \</your>
    --chain-id=testnet-dec \
    --commission-rate=0.1 \
    --commission-max-rate=0.2 \
    --commission-max-change-rate=0.01 \
    --min-self-delegation=1 \
    --from=$(mtcli keys show operator -a) -y

    Password to sign with 'operator':
     TxHash: 272D8543A1822A84E8898BDE5845EB9E661DD2204EAAC325243F5DB0A0573A3F