How to create an account on the GUI

Creating an account on the GUI is automatic. Navigate to the testnet and choose a password for the account:

Note that for the testnet, your account keys will be stored in a cookie on the browser (this is not recommended practice, but acceptable for use on the testnet). This means if you create a new account, the old account's cookie will be lost and you will lose your token balance for the other account.

After your account has been created, request some tokens for your cosmos address by copying the address from the Account Information section in the upper right, and pasting it to our Telegram chat. It may take a bit of time to respond but we'll try to respond within 24 hours.

In this example your Cosmos address is: cosmos1uqf2htcl3hvl97ld88p0h3mreupz0wk8uq0yxj

The Telegram chat link is: