How to Run the GUI Locally

You can run the Microtick user interface using your local testnet setup relatively simply, but you need to make a few changes from the setup described in the previous four steps.

Step 1. Restart the node with --pruning=nothing

This needs to happen so historical balances can be queried. Stop the node, then reset the chain data and restart:

$ mtd unsafe-reset-all
$ mtd start --pruning=nothing

Step 2. Ensure mongod is running

This step depends on your Linux instance, but you should have mongod running when you perform the next step (the port can be set in the API server config file).

Step 3. Turn on database support for the API server

This needs to happen so historical data can be queried. Stop the API server and change the "use_database" flag to "true". Then restart the API server.

Step 4. Load the GUI with the URL for your local websocket

Make a note of the "localport" setting in your API server config. This is the local port the server is running on. Ensure "host_ssl" is set to "false". Then load the gui by typing the following into your browser navigation bar (assuming localport is 1320):

That's it! The GUI is now running on your local setup. You can fund the account using mtcli (assuming MTROOT is set and you named the bank account "bank"):

$ mtcli tx send bank <your account address in the browser> 10000000udai -y

Questions? The Microtick Telegram chat link is: